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Focus DVD-CD Cover Maker 2.1

Focus DVD-CD Cover Maker 2.1: to create professional styled DVD and CD covers
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Focus DVD-CD Cover Maker 2.1 is used to create professional styled DVD and CD covers.
The application is a very easy to use but powerful tool for creating DVD and CD covers for jewel cases and disc labels.

User can include tracks information, images, date and time, text in general, etc. to front, back and disc covers. The application allows user to add shadows and color as cover backgrounds.

The program works by adding a new layer every time a user wants to add a picture, text, color, tracks, etc. and manage all of them to create the corresponding final cover for the jewel cases or the disc face. After that, the multilayered output cover can be directly printed. All the oerations will take only a few minutes to arrange, with just single clicks.

The project can be saved for later uses or as examples for further projects.

CD and DVD covers can be decorated using the 'favorite' images included in the application or any imported picture.

Every step to take in the creation sequence will include hints and 'tutorial' styled suggestions. User interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very easy to use user interface. Favorite images included for helping user in the cover creation process


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